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Yacht Management

A yacht that is not properly maintained the expenses and investments to bring her back in good shape, will be much higher than those of a regular professional maintenance.

The yacht is subjected to many factors such as solar radiation, frequent temperature changes, sea saltiness, long standing in or out of water etc. Therefore, it is necessary to have all parts of the yacht checked and maintained.

We are at your disposal to discuss with you specific actions that you need to take to maintain your yacht properly and to introduce to you professional craftsmen, shipbuilders as well as marine equipment for your yacht.

Yacht Parking

We provide 8000 square meters of boat PARKING, with water, electricity, cameras, fenced, with security lights and multiple security patrols.

Transporting your yacht

We undertake the lifting and launching of boats as well as their transport to our facilities from and to local marinas.

Pre-purchase condition Survey by qualified Surveyors

Once your offer on a yacht has been accepted and a MOA has been drafted by your lawyer signed by both you and the Seller, we advise you to contact a qualified Surveyor to go over the Υacht and present to you a detailed Pre-purchase Condition Survey Report with all the findings and recommendations

  • You will know the actual condition of the Υacht
  • You will present it to your insurance agents
  • You can present it to a future Buyer, whenever you will decide to sell your Yacht

Walkthrough Survey by qualified Surveyors / low cost Inspection

If you wish to receive an inspection to a yacht you are interested for, but not to proceed to a full Pre-purchase Condition Survey mainly due to the cost of such, we can arrange that for you.

 A Surveyor will visit the yacht of your interest and will make a short Inspection in the major areas of the Yacht (around 30 points) such as:

  • Hull, Shafts, Propellers, Rudders, Brackets, Keel (sailing yachts) - provided that the yacht is ashore, otherwise haul out/in costs must be covered
  • Deck, Topsides, Transom, Rails, Mast and Rigging (sailing yachts)
  • Bilges around keel/hull joining area (sailing yachts)
  • Internal Condition
  • Tender and Outboard
  • Navigational electronics
  • Any existing damage
  • Engine room superficial inspection
  • Three other special points requested by the Buyer
  • Around 30 images with points to be considered

Lawyers for transactions

We cooperate with yacht legal experts (Lawyers) that can handle all the paperwork for the safe transition of the Yacht’s ownership to you.

They will draft the MOA, act as Stakeholders for the down-payment, will check:

  • the validity of the documentation
  • for liens, mortgages, encumbrances
  • payment of all taxes
  • payment of the marina fees
  • payment proof of the EU VAT (if paid)
  • payment of the relevant public authorities such as Seaman fund, Maritime chamber


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